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What is Construction United?

Construction United is a coalition made up of industry stakeholders including trade associations, contractors , charities and Government bodies alongside leading firms from the supply chain like SIG that have a vested interest in promoting everything that is great about the construction sector.

We aim to show support for those in the sector by ensuring that construction is presented in the best light, and work to ACTIVELY highlight some of the serious issues faced by those within the industry, through a week of events and fundraising activities from the 17th to the 23rd October 2016.

As more and more organisations come on-board throughout the year we hope to create a groundswell of awareness which will culminate with as many stakeholders as possible taking part in this exciting new annual week of events and activities.

We hope that if we all come together through Construction United we can have a stronger collective voice that captures the public imagination.

How will Construction United work?

Construction United aims to bring as many organisations within the sector together as possible to actively raise awareness and show support around key issues through a week long series of events and fundraising activities.

When will the week of events take place?

From the 17th to the 23rd October 2016

Why do we need Construction United?

Construction is currently 6.5% of UK GDP but although the UK economy has grown the construction sector remains below its pre-crisis size of 6.9%.

Construction brings so many economic and social benefits to the UK, yet there is a very real image problem that the sector needs to face in order to establish real growth in the UK. By addressing these problems and making the wider public aware of just how important construction is, we can hopefully attract new talent to the sector while making the most of the great people that we have.

Construction 2025 identified a number of areas that needed addressing, so Construction United aims to bring everyone with a vested interest in construction together to raise awareness of the key issues facing the sector, including image, skills gaps and the wellbeing of employees at all levels.

Fundraising through Construction United

While the week long series of events are designed to raise awareness of the issues of image, skills shortages and mental health in the construction industry, we also want to use these events to fundraise for some very deserving related charities.

A number of national charities have joined the cause, including mental health focussed MIND, the construction industry’s charity for homelessness CRASH and the youth charity The Prince’s Trust.

Please Note: All donations will be made via Virgin Money Giving and will be sent directly to Construction United’s selected charities.

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